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Honey Badger Umbra

Legacy Aggro Enchantment Ramp



Easy drops + early draw mechanic to flood the field with auras and kill quickly. Swing for 20 ~ 80 power in 3 to 6 turns via Ethereal Armor and Ancestral Mask.

Kor Spiritdancer and Argothian Enchantress are the engine of the deck, and the 1-drop auras are fuel. Flickering Ward versus many decks is practically hexproof while adding evasion. Flicka is also cool for being able to pull it back and replay for more card-draw abilities, turn a passive creature into a wall, or remove enchantments off opposing creatures.

Lands become enchanted with Wild Growth/Utopia Sprawl for double or plus value, then Arbor Elf lets me re-tap to double-up on that. Once the snowball starts rolling, in a turn you might play 5 cards, 15, or half the deck. Aura Gnarlid is great because I don't even have to enchant him. The honey badger is lethal from drop and strikes instant terror.

Turn 1: Forest, Elf.2: Land > Tap > Utopia Spraw/Wild Growth the Forest, Tap > SpiritDancer/Enchantress, Tap Elf (Untap Enchanted Land) > Tap for 2, play 2 more enchantments, draw 2 more cards.

Sideboard:Versus Black - Spreading Algae Vs Creatures - Prison Term, Sphere of SafetyVs Counter/Burn, that can drag to midgame - Winter Orb should be crippling, though harmless to my deck, with Sigil of the Empty Throne and Auratog for easy turn-arounds.


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