Home alone

Standard* Control U/B (Dimir)

Sagi007 Score: 31


This is the deck i first went to FNM with.

the Tragic Slips in the sideboard shuld have bin Witchbane Orbs but this is how i went to FNM with it.

This deck was build for standard


Black Sun's Zenith more zenith against aggro.

Devastation Tide was to be used against tokens since i didnt own Ratchet Bomb

Dismember to have something against indestructibles. Murders mb since was updating for rotation.

Go for the Throat wanted cheaper removal incase needed.

Negate more cheap counter to mainly stop t2 Liliana of the Veil. it killed this deck if i let that resolve.

Sever the Bloodline against the Sun Titan combo with Phantasmal Image. exiling helps against Strangleroot Geist and other undyings aswell.

Tribute to Hunger against the very few hexproof that see play Geist of Saint Traft and Thrun, the Last Troll

Tragic Slip was to be used as fill and against Delver of Secrets  Flip since it was the only deck i couldnt beat with this. totaly disregarded mill since i hated it to and still do. said in the above should bin Witchbane Orb


shared 1st place!!! out of 7ppl(8person didnt show)

2 B/R vampires1 werewolfs1 solorflare1 G/W 1 Esper Control1 U/B Control(me)

Match 1: 2-0 win B/R Vampires. round 1: controlled field till got my Lone Revenant folowed by Curse of Death's Hold next turn could use revenant search into a double Curse of Death's Hold witch locked him down. Round 2: control field Fettergeist+Homicidal Seclusion was to much.

Match 2: 2-0 win G/W (asume modified starter with boosters). round 1: simple control Fettergeist+Homicidal Seclusion wins. round 2: same did see Deadly Recluse and an oblvion ringon Homicidal Seclusion but nothing Sever the Bloodline couldnt handle.

Match 3: 1-1 draw Esper?(B/U/W) countrol. Round 1: lost lacked mana and counters so overreacted in playing hand. double Nephalia Drownyard was to much. Round 2 win got my Lone Revenant out on t5 got stalled by his spirit tokens till he played Phantasmal Image. after both took eachother down. Batterskull got played and Vapor Snaged by me. he played a Jace, Memory Adept but finished the game of with a 2nd Lone Revenant+Staff of Nin ping follwed by Essence Harvest.(9 cards left in deck).

Didnt have time for 3th round due to timelimit. Prize: both of us got 2 boosters+Avacyn's Pilgrim [FNM]

mass overhaul. i felt i needed more control and after playing another control deck i made figured what this one was lacking. and at the same time made preperations for the upcoming rotation. had made some noted on a former update but deleted those...(silly me) old version can be found here home alone old

-3Ponder -4Predator's Gambit -2Dismember removed due to rotating soon

+2Lone Revenant +1Swamp +1Island +1Dissipate +1Black Sun's Zenith+3Murder

+2Curse of Death's Hold -2Homicidal Seclusioncouldnt bring myself to part with it completely

  • on rotation:

BSZ will most likely be switched for Mutilateguess i need to alter manabase then.

Darkslick Shores guess they bu cut for rummored shocklands(Watery Grave) otherwise few swamps i guess unless they get something else good.

Mana Leak guess it will be Essence Scattermb with a sbNegate


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