This is just an idea deck as this is my first time getting into MTG. I know a bit of it as I have seen many play it and tried it with their decks myself. This is my first attempt at building one. I don't have all the cards for this but I am thinking of building it. I would like opinions on it and ideas as it is an Angel focused deck. Please do not hesitate to put comments on how to improve/change it.


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I have just tested my old set and have since updated it. Out of the 6-7 games I played with friends, I only won 1. As evident, I changed it a bit and added more mana and some mana ramp. Not only that, I have taken out some cards and added some more as I have played it to learn that the deck is like a control deck. With that found out, I have made slight changes to make it more control like. As usually, I would like people to put down advice, recommendations, and more to help improve this deck more. Note that this isn't a deck made for competitive reasons but to have fun and to piss someone off. I thank you all for checking and helping me out~.


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