So far this has worked out pretty well. It's got all sorts of main board solutions to stay alive - Day of Judgment, Timely Reinforcements, and Gideon Jura. Once it kicks in with curses, the game will end in just a few more turns. Gideon Jura or the Sun Titan alone can also win the game. The final win condition is Manabarbs with the protection from Personal Sanctuary.

Any and all comments are appreciated!Going to be playing this at FNM this week, will update with results!

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Went 1-2 tonight at FNM

Game 1 (0-2)Spirit DelverCouldn't respond quickly enough, got my teeth kicked in.

Game 2 (2-1)R/B ZombiesHad good draws, was able to control board and curses were able to kick in.

Game 3 (0-2)Homebrew Venser Control (It's an amazing deck)Game 1 was really close, I had amazing board presence, curses were out, and then he cast Karn and started taking care of me. For a while it was back and forth, I had Gideon, but he kept flashing Stonehorn, and I couldn't draw an O-ring.

Eventually he got Venser's ultimate off, and I scooped.

His board was oddly well prepared for my deck, and he rolled my face.

I enjoyed playing though, might change somethings around, perhaps go green for quicker ramp.

Suggestions still welcome.

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