So far this has worked out pretty well. It's got all sorts of main board solutions to stay alive - Day of Judgment , Timely Reinforcements, and Gideon Jura. Once it kicks in with curses, the game will end in just a few more turns. Gideon Jura or the Sun Titan alone can also win the game. The final win condition is Manabarbs with the protection from Personal Sanctuary .

Any and all comments are appreciated!Going to be playing this at FNM this week, will update with results!

Edits galore.


Went 1-2 tonight at FNM

Game 1 (0-2)Spirit DelverCouldn't respond quickly enough, got my teeth kicked in.

Game 2 (2-1)R/B ZombiesHad good draws, was able to control board and curses were able to kick in.

Game 3 (0-2)Homebrew Venser Control (It's an amazing deck)Game 1 was really close, I had amazing board presence, curses were out, and then he cast Karn and started taking care of me. For a while it was back and forth, I had Gideon, but he kept flashing Stonehorn, and I couldn't draw an O-ring.

Eventually he got Venser's ultimate off, and I scooped.

His board was oddly well prepared for my deck, and he rolled my face.

I enjoyed playing though, might change somethings around, perhaps go green for quicker ramp.

Suggestions still welcome.

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