Bridge from Below is banned but Hogaak lives on! Make no mistake, this style of deck is still very powerful and capable of broken things... A lot of different lists have surfaced post-ban and I've been testing everything I can find while picking out the strengths and weaknesses in each brew. After a lot of collaborative brainstorming, testing, and refining, this is a the list I've came up with. It's reminiscent of the old Dredgevine decks from Modern's past, but has been revamped with the addition of powerful new cards and synergies. I've been playing this deck a lot on MTGO and the results have been very promising. I plan on giving a decktech and streaming a league very soon, stay tuned.

××Disclaimer×× This is my original list. Recently I've seen a lot of identical lists floating around, which is flattering, but I would like to maintain creative credit for the list.


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