Primarily this is a Hollow One deck, but using Soulflayer as a backup plan, with the option (even if unlikely with 18 land) to eternalize the Adorned Pouncer if no Soulflayer is available. The three mentioned cards all hit power 4, hence the rename. Soulflayer could hit as early as turn 2 as a flying, lifelink double strike, obviously Burning Inquiry is still key to the Hollow One rush and pumps Flameblade Adept nicely.

This is also primarily a red deck, no matter what the colour wheel says, mana sources that don't provide red should be kept to a minimum. If you don't have a red source in your opening hand then you need to muligan. This is essentially true for almost any Hollow One deck, unless you are being cute and using Magus of the Bazaar or some such...

At first glance Chancellor of the Dross is an odd choice, I'll never cast it, but it has two relevant abilities to feed Soulflayer and it's also handy in your opening hand due to the life drain, so a dead card with an upside, the downside is that it tempts you to keep hands you otherwise wouldn't. I opted not to use Zetalpa, Primal Dawn , while it is ideal fodder for Soulflayer, it's also a completely dead card, however it is a lot of keywords on one cards, so testing. If I cut the Chancellor, it's likely to be for Spark Trooper or Oketra the True , again I want to keep my options playable and both of them have a certain appeal as does Vault Skirge . I also toyed with Odric, Lunarch Marshal as a one of fun of reverse Soulflayer (perhaps, technically better since it has more keywords) which needs to be removed...

I cut 2x of Goblin Lore from this version for Cathartic Reunion as I think it's more important to control what is discarded in this build. Risk Factor , is perhaps worth trying, but the slot it's in could well be Lingering Souls or Boros Charm ...

The idea behind the sideboard is to switch to a more burn orientated play, switching out Soulflayer for Vexing Devil and Chancellor of the Dross or Adorned Pouncer for Lightning Helix . With Alpine Moon , Fragmentize and Rest in Peace match-up dependent.

I do play a more traditional Hollow One deck; Zombie Hollow One, which this is essentially spun off from to test. In addition I have two rough outlines for an izzet and gruul Hollow One decks; Izzet One / Gruul One, hey I just like the golem...

Dredge is an awful matchup so +1 Rest in Peace and +2 Rakdos Charm


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