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This is one of the first versions of the Hold the Line deck I've posted about, it isn't perfect but I'm going to try playtesting this version to see what ought to stay and go. Suggestions, even radical ones, are appreciated.

(A little shoutout to a creature I would include if it didn't take this deck straight out of modern: Jareth, Leonine Titan who has his own little Righteousness / Hold the Line built right in!)

Kirrahe needs you!


So, I bought the Innistrad Hold the Line Event Deck when it came out. And, it just so happened, I happened upon Hold the Line a few months ago at just about the time I decided to play through all three Mass Effect games at once.

To summarize my point, there is a Salarian character named Captain (Later Major) Kirrahe who is famous for using the expression, you guessed it, "Hold the Line!" to rally his troops in battle. Which brings me to this:

I want to use my nifty deck box to hold a Red/White themed deck based around Hold the Line and things like Fling. Fling isn't a definate inclusion or anything but it is an idea of something I thought could be amusing. Cards with effects like Hold the Line like Righteousness and such would be likely inclusions as well.

I'd like it to be as competitive as possible but I would gladly sacrifice major portions of that for flavor at any turn.

If anyone reading this happens to have a foil or even non-foil of something that would be stellar I would more than likely trade for it too. Thanks in advance for any and all help and advice. :)

And if anyone doesn't know who Captain Kirrahe is here is his speech in Mass Effect 1.

Kirrahe's Speech


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