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Walk off the earth (Narset Walks w primer)

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Hi there,

Before we start the deck's description, just a quick PSA: Narset, Enlightened Master is BEYOND BUSTED! She is basically Omniscience on a stick that gives you an absurd card advantage by exiling your deck. Thank you very much for stopping here to check out this deck - I am sure you won't be disappointed.

Welcome to my competitive Narset, Enlightened Master build for EDH. For those of you who aren't familiar with Narset in EDH, the general goal of such decks involves attacking with Narset in order to exploit her triggered ability which say "exile the top four cards of your library. until end of turn you may cast noncreature cards exiled with Narset without paying their mana cost." In order to maximize value for this effect we look the strongest and most game-warping noncreature cards.

The deck's strategy is broken down into four different segments, all of which I'll review in detail below.

First up we have mana ramp. The purpose of these is to give us a mana ramp in order to cast Narset as early as possible. Since Narset in first strike and hexproof, we usually have a very easy time keeping her on the board once she's cast since she can't be targeted by opponents. The main threat we run into is her dying in combat. Because of this, having quick, efficient mana ramp to cast her early usually allows us to circumvent having to go into combat against creatures big enough to kill Narset. With a good hand you can usually get her our on turn 3. With an average hand it's turn 4.

To elaborate on some of the mana rocks we have in the deck let's just walk through some of the best ones = Grim Monolith , Sol Ring , Mana Vault , Mana Crypt , Chrome Mox .

There are many more mana rocks in the deck which help us to make sure we always have options in our opening hand. Please take some time to look through the deck under the Ramp category to see all the options.

The goal with Narset is to make her unstoppable. One of the ways of doing this (beyond setting tempo and getting ahead of our opponents) is to make her as big and strong as possible using Equipments and Enchantments. In the deck we have an assortment of different items to hook up to Narset which perform an array of functions. Let's review a few of them.

First, we have Steel of the Godhead , Aqueous Form and Aether Tunnel which help make Narset unblockable. By doing this we can attack without worrying about getting blocked. This has a dual benefit - first, it allows us to get commander damage in to win the game quicker, and second, it allows us to completely negate having to assign combat damage, which could be one of the problems we run into if Narset isn't big enough to first strike kill an opponents block.

Second, we have things like Darksteel Plate and Hammer of Nazahn which make Narset indestructible. I want to mention that of all Equipments in the deck, Hammer of Nazahn is probably my favourite since it allows all other Equipments to be attached for free. This is invaluable as we continue to progress in the game by allowing us to exile Equipments with Narset's ability while allowing us to negate having to expend our open mana to attach them.

Third, we have utility-type cards such as Helm of the Host (which makes MORE Narsets), and Sunforger which allows us to unattach in order to tutor an instant/sorc with CMC 2 or less and cast FOR FREE. This is great at accessing resources from the library such as removal, copy spells and other tutors.

If you want to see the full list of cards from the Equip and Enchant category please visit the Equip segment of the decklist below and review all the cards there.

This is my FAVOURITE part of the deck, and basically the whole reason the Narset is overpowered, hated, annoying and fun to play!

As we stated earlier, Narset exiles stuff and casts noncreature spells for free - because of this we look for the most game-warping spells to exploit with her ability.... So, here they are. Turns and attacks!

As Narset attacks she will exile these spells (found in the Walks segment of the decklist below). From there, we can cast them for free giving us more turns. The idea behind this whole deck is to get Narset out early and attack, then keep attacking. Ideally, we only need to attack one time to end the game since we're going to be exiling spells and casting them for free.

With all the turns and attacks spells in the deck we get to keep gaining turns and attacks, effectively never letting our opponents have another turn - the game is ours! It's evil and beautiful :)

Let's look at some of these spells so you know what's in the deck, shall we?

For turns we have Time Warp , Time Stretch , Expropriate , Walk the Aeons , Temporal Mastery and a number of others.

For attacks we have Savage Beating , World at War , Relentless Assault , etc.

When considering the deck also has copy spells like Narset's Reversal , Reverberate , Thousand-Year Storm and so on, it's quite common that we can end the game with 10-20 turns still in hand :)

If you want to check the list of all these spells please visit the Walks segment of the decklist below.

So, what's any good, competitive deck without some removal?

Here we have lots of stuff, all of which probably needs no introduction.

Detention Sphere , Path to Exile , Swords to Plowshares , Cast Out , Oblivion Ring , Nevermore , Wrath of God , Supreme Verdict , etc.

We need to protect Narset, deny opponents resources, and remove threats. By having a comprehensive ensuite of solid, potent, efficient removal, we're able to help ourselves keep opponent's threats at bay, which ultimately makes for an easy win.

As mentioned before, we are going to be taking continuous turns so having these removal spells in our exile pile means we can often end the game with complete annihilation of our opponent's board state, often leaving them with nothing but lands at the end!

Please take a look through all the removal options found in this deck, found under the Removal segment of the decklist below.

So, some last notes. The deck obviously has some other components beyond the major core of the theme.

As mentioned before we have ways to copy spells, such as Thousand-Year Storm , Narset's Reversal , etc.

We also have tutor cards such as Gamble , Enlightened Tutor and Mystical Tutor . These cards are ultra-important since they can help us find the mana rocks we need early-game, or help us find equipment needed in the later game to pull away. Since both mystical and enlightened tutor are instant speed and put cards to top of library, they're great to use when we have extra combats. You simply tutor for what you need, say Helm of the Host , then it goes to the top of your library, and when you attack again it gets exiled and you can cast it for free :)

Further, the deck has a lot of cool utility cards that are just strictly good, but don't exactly fit categorically into the bones of the strategy. One of these cards that I absolutely love is Mind's Desire , which we can often hold off til the end of a turn and cast, coping the storm trigger for 10 or more resolutions. This is huge for resource advantage and is just overall super fun to play and watch unfold.

Next, we have Echo of Eons . This is great for refuelling the hand. Plus it has flashback so it can go round two! Also, since a lot of the cards you exile get cast, they then go to grave. Echo of Eons puts these cards back into the library so you can exile/draw and then cast them again. It's a beautiful card for resource cultivation.

Then, we have Aminatou's Augury . This card is fun. It gets a land, gets one of each other card type - and, becomes absolutely hilarious when you copy it! Just imagine casting Howl of the Horde when you have Thousand-Year Storm on the field after having already cast one other inst/sorc already. Howl copies, so now you have four copy triggers, then you cast Augury, Thousand-Year copies it three times for spells cast before it, then Augury hits the Howl copies and resolves four more times - you now have 7x Aminatou's Augury , giving you 56 cards exiled, of which you have 7 free lands, and can cast one of each other card type from each of the 7 copies.

Trust me when I say this deck gets so wonky and out of control it's hilarious!

I have had single turns where I make over 100 combat copies and the game just ends.

Anyway, thanks very much for stopping by to rea about my Narset build. You can leave comments or questions and I'll always gladly answer.

If you want a budget version of the deck, I have a list that comes in around $250-300. Please request and I'll send it to you.

Please leave +1's on the deck - I have two decks at #1 and would like to make this a third!


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