The title is taken from the third verse of William Blake's Auguries of Innocence.

"To see a World in a Grain of Sand

And a Heaven in a Wild Flower

Hold Infinity in the palm of your hand

And Eternity in an hour"

I happened upon Ith, High Arcanist while looking for an Azorius General. I'm a filthy combo player, so I was positively giddy over this card.

Ith's fun comes from his ability: Attack with him, and he can infinitely tap and untap himself, swelling Wake Thrasher and Crackdown Construct to colossal proportions. With Illusionist's Bracers equipped, goes infinite with a wide variety of cards (anything with a tap symbol in their activated ability cost).

Win Conditions: Laboratory Maniac , Wake Thrasher , Crackdown Construct , Stroke of Genius

MVP: Illusionist's Bracers enables half of the deck and alt-wincons. Any pinger spells doom. Dorks go infinite. I can wipe boards, flip tables, and win games.

Maze of Ith is a flavor card and not of much use here.

My goal is to make this competitive with Tier 3 lists, despite how mana intensive my wincons are. I've got a decent start, but need some help from the community. I understand that Ith sucks compared to GAAIV , but I want to stick with Ith. What's toughest about this is that I need to invest in $25+ cards to push it up there. Regardless, I'd like to see how a finely tuned version of this would run.

Comments, suggestions, and upvotes are appreciated.


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