Welcome to another deck tech. This deck tech is going to be a bit different because my brother and I challenged each other to build a deck that we are normally not comfortable with. I usually do tribal decks, for I have an elemental, walls/defender, and a Dino tribal deck, and i'm wanting to get a knight deck as well. I challenged him to do a spell slinger deck, and he chose Will and Rowan Kenrith. He challenged me to do a dredge/delve/graveyard deck, so I chose Hogaak, Arisen Necropolis. I like infect a lot.

I had an Atraxa infect deck for the longest time, but got bored with it because so many people didn't like it at all because I could consistently win turn 6. Well they are all in for a fun surprise because I am bringing infect back. I want to keep the focus of what Hogaak does well, cheating him out using his convoke/delve abilities to ignore commander tax, but I want to add some extra win cons into the deck including infect. The way I see a lot of other decks build him they have the infinite combo making a lot of tokens, but they are 1/1, and to me I am not a fan of going infinite, but I do like making just enough tokens to get enough poison counters on you.


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