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Hidden Hoplites!




This is bare-bones blue/white heroic with a twist: Hidden Strings! I know it sounds crazy but just imagine...Turn 2: battlewise hoplite.Turn 3: cast hidden strings. tap opponent's creatures or untap your mana if your opponent has no threats on board. cipher hidden strings to the hoplite and swing. untap hoplite and mana with the hidden strings cipher cast triggering heroic. Depending on the situation, you can tap or untap any permanent on the board, be it land or your heroic creatures or your opponent's creatures. God's Willing is there to protect against spot removal and to make sure your heroic guy can get through when he needs to so hidden strings will go off. The other spells like Ethereal Armor and Ordeal of Thassa are just extra heroic buffs. Triton Tactics for the defense utility. This deck has done pretty well in the limited play testing I have done with it. It's really fun if nothing else! Ideas and suggestions for a sideboard or just in general are greatly appreciated!


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