Hello reader!

I made this deck because I like the shenanigans Trostani is able to pull with massive amounts of tokens, and I used to have a far more casual Trostani deck that I had deconstructed that I recently decided to rebuild into something I could play competitively.

Testing phase

Currently, I have only about half of the cards in this deck when you don't count lands (some lands I don't have as well, but most I do). I've proxied out the rest of the deck and have been playing it with others in non-tournament, but still competitive, pods for testing purposes. So far it is doing fairly well, I have won two of three games with it. The deck is a little slow at the moment though, and it is unplayable in 1v1 EDH games because of it.

Suggestions welcome

Cards on the maybeboard are mostly cards I definitely want in the deck, but it is getting increasingly hard to cut other cards to make room for them.

Please offer suggestions on how to make this deck better, whether it be cutting certain cards, potential additions to the maybeboard, or even other combos, infinite or not, that are not already a part of the deck.

Suggestions to make cuts are more useful to me right now than additions, but don't let that stop you. I want this deck to be good, and tough decisions will need to be made.


I will have the acquire-board set up shortly, and I am willing to buy or trade for any of the cards on this list, so if you have an offer let me know.


Current Workings Show


Updates Add

The landbase has been updated! During playtesting I found that far too many of my lands only produced colorless mana, and so I have removed many of them in favor of more G/W lands.

There are currently 6 lands I still want to add. 3 of them are uber expensive ( Gaea's Cradle , Serra's Sanctum , and Savannah ) and I don't plan on putting them on the official list until I acquire them one way or another.

The other 3 are Homeward Path , Yavimaya Hollow , and Vesuva .

I have not yet added these last 3 because I don't know what to remove to make room. Suggestions are very appreciated!



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