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Hey it's Gonti

Commander / EDH*



Hey it's Gonti.

Comin' over to play.

Gonna take.

Your shit away.

Here he comes with all his ETB's.

He's got black, he's got bling.

Hey it's Gonti.

He's already in your house.

Hey it's Gonti!?

How did you even get in here?

Hey...it's Gonti?

Oh...is that a knife? Is that MY knife?



octo says... #1

-2 cutting buried alive and deadly tempest

+2 adding decree of pain & in garruk's wake

+1 adding black god -1 cutting greed

+1 adding increasing ambition

+1 adding rise of the dark realms

March 20, 2017 10:33 p.m.

octo says... #2

I can't cut buried alive, i mean c'mon

fuck both planeswalkers -2 cutting ob nixilis and lili of the dark realms

-1 cutting darksteel ingot because it's just not necessary

March 20, 2017 10:46 p.m.

octo says... #3

-1 cut bloodgift demon, it's good but it's in the wrong deck

March 20, 2017 10:50 p.m.

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