Bogles, or "Hexproof" is an aggro deck engineered to prevent interaction, goldfishing to a fairly consistent win turns three and four. Pioneered by Reid Duke in the 2013 World Finals, he took it to a second-place finish behind Shahar Shenhar's Jeskai Control. The deck has since become a staple of the modern format, and acts as its gatekeeper. While there is some minutia to piloting the deck, this article is going to instead focus on the card choices and mindsets when building it.

All That Glitters is a two-mana Ethereal Armor. If we could run additional copies of the core three, we would. Until now, we were unable.

Ah, the namesake cards. This deck cannot function if not for the eight hexproof creatures. Kor Spiritdancer , however, is an inclusion that even the most experienced players have trouble utilizing to its full potential. In game one I frequently use her as a Time Walk. I cast it while they are tapped out to force them to spend their next turn sinking resources into killing it. Past that, most people side out their non-Lightning Bolt/Assassin's Trophy removal. Landing auras on it on turn-3 is a gamble that leaves the win out of your opponent's reach if you succeed.

This package is just as unshakable. These are easily the strongest auras the game has ever seen (honorable mention to Ancestral Mask ). You want to see one or more of these cards jump off the top of your library every game. Daybreak Coronet, while incredibly strong, presents a danger of being blown out by an Assassin's Trophy. If it is one of only two auras on a creature, it will fall off if its partner is destroyed. That being said, it single-handedly sweeps every non-infect aggro deck off of their feet.

Finally, actual choices! Every Bogles deck needs a way to get damage past blockers. Of the three options, Gryff's Boon is my favorite. Unfortunately Humans, Dredge, and Phoenix turn it into a one-mana +1/+0 plea for Rancor. The measly power increase per-mana-spent of Spirit Mantle makes it a slog to draw in multiples. I never put more than two Spirit Mantles in my deck. Finally, it can be thrown on a spare Bogle to stonewall Death's Shadow, Champion of the Parish, or an infect creature. Unflinching Courage wins aggro mirrors. The mana cost is the biggest detractor; just like Daybreak Coronet, turn three is the earliest that it can be played.

A tossed salad of choices to make, retooling your list to fit your meta is the most skill-intensive thing you can do with Bogles. Missing the mark makes Bogles looks like a tier-3 deck. Mainboard Leylines are relevant against a lot of decks, but it by no means an auto include. While Cartouch of Solidarity appears to be strictly better than Hyena Umbra in most cases, remember that Umbras can protect Kor Spiritdancer or a desperate Dryad Arbor.

Dromoka's Command ...

is relevant in matchups without threatening creatures. It's also a mainboard answer to enchantments with no opportunity cost.

Path to Exile

Buy Horizon Canopy . Sure, Brushland seems like a nearly identical land, but the upside of turning your third or fourth land into a usable card is gas for the deck. If you're unsure, proxy them and note the difference. Okay, having said that, you have a good day and show the Modern format what it looks like to go EVEN FURTHER BEYOND!
  • Damping Sphere : Storm and Tron are two of the deck's worst matchups. This is great against either!

  • Dromoka's Command : I prefer this over Path to Exile when the target won't be recurred or removing the creature is not worth giving your opponent a land (Storm, Control). It's also fantastic against Burn.

  • Gaddock Teeg : Ad Nauseam, Scapeshift, Tron, Control. It usually goes along with other sideboard options, since it can be Pathed, Pushed or Bolted.

  • Krosan Grip : Artifact removal that Arcbound Ravager and Welding Jar cannot blank.

  • Rest in Peace Graveyard decks, Living End, Storm, Dredge or Control.

  • Stony Silence : Used to fight Affinity, Lantern Control, Tron, Skred and Ad Nauseam.

  • Suppression Field : It punishes greedy manabases with lots of fetches and turns Lilianas into...LAME-IANAS. Eh?

  • Unflinching Courage : While Bogles is naturally favored against aggro decks, it can be a bit awkward deciding what to side in to replace Leylines. This is a great card that is irrelevant against combo and control.

"Dumb dumb diddly dumb dodo!" - Bill Cosby (shut up I can still quote him)

Keen Sense

The Modern format was substantially slower when this was a Bogles staple. Nowadays all it does is give +1/+1 if Ethereal Armor is on the field and replace itself. Drawing two cards off of it is a rare occurrence. Play Curious Obsession and Stubborn Denial in a Bant Bogles list if you want to play a longer game.

Open the Armory

Slower format, but ensured that you get Ethereal Armor, Rancor, or Daybreak Coronet almost every game. I'll break this one down to a meta call. If you have a ton of creature decks in your meta then this isn't the worst decision

Cartouche of Strength

Procs lifelink, gives trample, +1/+1, and kills a creature! Wait...Dromoka's Command does all of that for one less mana? The only thing that this card does that is unique is occupy the removal AND the top-end aura slot. It ain't terrible, but there are better options

Silhana Ledgewalker

Anyone who insists that this is good in "metas with lots of removal" should be banned from your LGS for smoking weed right outside the door (seriously don't do that; there are kids present). Those people also don't fully understand what Kor Spiritdancer does. In games two and three, your opponent sides out their Pushes and Paths. Kor Spiritdancer now forces them to have Lightning Bolt. If they don't, they lose. If you cast it while they are tapped out then they HAVE to spend their turn removing it or else they give you a redraw. What does Ledgewalker do? It's a Spirit Mantle that does nothing until turn 3 at the earliest. Now, before you say that Invisible Stalker sees play in Bant Bogles remember, that deck is TRYING to play a longer game with Curious Obsession and Stubborn Denial. It has the tools, Selesnya does not.

Keep Ledgewalker in Pauper Bogles where she deserves...even then I prefer Fencing Ace .

  • A one-mana Bogle with a bestow cost of three (sac effects then don't waste this deck as badly)
  • A new one-mana Umbra that can replace Hyena Umbra (lifelink or vigilance PLEASE)
  • A two-mana aura that gives lifelink and trample, but no stats
  • New art for Ethereal Armor
  • A Chained to the Rocks that enchants creatures instead of lands?


Updates Add

As shown in the video above, I have tinkered with a singleton copy of Ajani in the main. He's not bad, costing three mana for +1/+1, flying, and double strike (similar to Daybreak Coronet. Quite often our turn-2 5 damage from Ethereal Armor and Rancor can lead into a turn-3 kill with the flying and double strike. Against Death's Shadow decks that will most likely be pinging themselves for AT LEAST five damage by then, Ajani lets us swing over the large Death's Shadow and secure the win! I still believe that he deserves to be in the conversation among Bogles players, although I currently cannot justify running him when slots are already sparse due to mainboard Leylines. He's good; try him.

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