I've been working on this deck for a long time now, Charging Badger will rip your fucking face off.

This time I'm beating removal by giving opponents no good targets, it's all about recurring +1/+1 counters on 2-drop creatures and tokens, 32 cards in this deck cost one or two mana. Every creature has some sort of evasion ability, either trample, unblockable, or they can die with the upside of thopters or +1/+1 counters. All the non-creatures cards combo with any of the creatures to make game winning threats.

Charging Badger + Gleam of Authority is the biggest threat in the format, and only needs two lands. After playing any combination of Servant of the Scale - Hangarback Walker - Managorger Hydra - Avatar of the Resolute . Charging Badger can easily get bigger then 8/8 with trample and vigilance and bolster.

Flip a Den Protector to return and play Gleam of Authority again, only unblockable.

Hangarback Walker + Hardened Scales all the thopters!

Managorger Hydra + Hardened Scales is pretty good too.

This is the perfect deck for Evolutionary Leap, all the creatures are so cheap to cast that this works like a protection spell. Creature removal decks can't beat it.

I've put together a post Standard rotation version of this deck, it may be the best in the new format, but without any badgers what's the point? Link -You can't fire me because I quit - Avg. CMC 1.44

+1 if you think you could win more often then you lose at FNM with this deck.


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