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HexDrinker Rock

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Goodstuff in its purest colors. While the recent meta has seen GDS as the premier midrange deck (And with good reason, it runs Jace and snap!) I think that Hexdrinker has been terribly overlooked as a t1 must answer threat that while not nearly as versatile as Deathrite Shaman was, it does provide a mana sink, which DRS was, but alas, no acceleration. However, protection is a serious built-in threat and this card very often comes out as a 4/4 late game when in top deck mode. In this context, going to 6/6 is a turn away after he drops, and any response they top must either be an edict effect or sorcery speed removal. After that, the responses narrow to only board wipes on a 6/6 unblockable body. That's a serious built-in threat against any control decks and a t1 clock against combo decks. I think this is a playable baby Progenitus .

Thanks to this, in my opinion, pure GB midrange has way better matchups against traditional baddies such as Tron and Scapeshift. Others that were unfavored such as affinity are now viable in pure GB using Collector Ouphe . Mean ol' burn still gives us some trouble, but not having to hurt ourselves as bad does help. Since we replaced Tireless Tracker with Hexdrinker now bob is less likely to hurt us for much, and we're also free to replace some fetches with some of those sexy new draw lands like Nurturing Peatland . Since we always wanted to play tracker with 3 lands out and 1 in hand, we can look at drinker as a creature in the same slot that can be cast for cheaper to absorb removal.

I will always miss this deck's sisters: deck:the-dead-marshes-high-sodium-content and Minas Morgul - Nazgûl Jund

All in all, I'm very excited for the possibility of having a 2 color fair midrange deck that can be a serious contender for t1 or t2 slots.

  • Mainboard:
    • Abrupt Decay : As a 3 split with trophy, this is still somewhat relevant in the meta. Running as a 3 of to hit walkers (them w6!) and not give a land away.
    • Assassin's Trophy : GB Premier removal. As a 3 of since it is highly relevant against strats like tron and scapeshift.
    • Dark Confidant : This guy is so much better now than ever. With Hexdrinker 's printing we now have an even lower curve than before, which means less pain and more shenanigans. Drinker is also likely to take the bolt on t1 now instead of bob.
    • Fatal Push : Black path. Ok fine, not really, but damn close.
    • Ghost Quarter : 2 colors has its advantages. Tron and valakut are not so scary now =]. Originally was Field of Ruin but found that GQ will be faster in relevant matchups and having free lands matters more now with Hexdrinker .
    • Hexdrinker : Ok, I'm super excited about this guy. He's a threat that can be worse than goyf and drops on t1. It makes this deck faster against control, and gives us a mana sink we can use effectively. In my testing this guy has gone to work hard against things like jeskai control and phoenix. If he drops after top-deck mode then you can usually level him to 3 right away, and they must answer him with sorcery speed removal, failing that he threathens to be a 6/6 mini- Progenitus .
    • Hissing Quagmire : Removal on a land, it "rocks"? Eh, not as catchy as it junds. Oh well.
    • Inquisition of Kozilek : Pretty standard disruption package.
    • Liliana of the Veil : LoTV is in here for obvious reasons, disruption and removal.
    • Nurturing Peatland : Our very own on-color Horizon Canopy ? Already tested and it helps so much in grindy matchups like jeskai control, since we're not running trackers any more I'll take all the card advantage I can get.
    • Plague Engineer : Mainboard token removal, anti-human extraordinaire. Replaces Maelstrom Pulse as it can hit more creatures (at the cost of other permanents, but with disruption, this should be ok). Great against Thalia.
    • Prismatic Vista : Running 2 colors really does have advantages.
    • Questing Beast : Since jund has BBE, we have this guy. I might be early on this, but I think this dude will wreck the mirror. Not only that but he also helps against control walkers...and in a blade meta, I mean, they printed this dude for us. Not only that, but now this along with Plague Engineer and I feel very comfortable getting rid of Maelstrom Pulse for good.
    • Scavenging Ooze : Graveyard removal and some life-gain. Useful even if a bit lackluster. As a 2 of since graveyard decks have toned down some, we still keep him around but he's a bit slow.
    • Tarmogoyf : The daddy of Lhurgoyfs is not getting much love on reddit now a days, but he's still a top shelf 2 drop in this shell.
    • Thoughtseize : Everything removal. With Hexdrinker our control matchups need less help, and tron is not a big threat any longer so we only run 2.
    • Treetop Village : A cheap beater to help on grindy matchups. All life points add up.
    • Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth : Tech to help with the draw lands, specifically when producing black mana free of pain. Always nice tech with Fatal Push since it lets you save your fetches and since we run Prismatic Vista this helps.
  • Sideboard:
    • Collective Brutality : As a 2 of instead of a 3rd copy of TZ, for relevant-ish hits and some futile lifegain against burn. The utility is still decent enough with control and burn in the meta.
    • Collector Ouphe : I remember when abzan could brag about Stony Silence , those dark days are over my friends...
    • Damnation : Those pesky humans need to be checked back sometimes. Goblins too.
    • Damping Sphere : I hear rumors on the interwebz about izzet spells
    • Fulminator Mage : These guys, trophy and ruin let us interact with scapeshift, tron, etc.
    • Kalitas, Traitor of Ghet : Some lifegain and exile is definitely relevant in the current meta.
    • Liliana, the Last Hope : More tech against humans, spirits, goblins, and whatever other aggro deck is the flavor of the week. Just doubling up.
    • Plague Engineer : Same as above, but more specific.
    • Surgical Extraction : Helpful in multiple matchups including tron, control, humans, spirits, etc. It's a useful filler card when taking other things out that absolutely don't help, this is better than those.
    • Weather the Storm : This should slow burn down enough to allow us to stabilize against them...if we draw it.


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