That's right, just like poor Stan Marsh the idea here is for the opponent to try to catch the dragon. They can shoot up all they want, but they'll never catch it.

First off, I've gotten some awesome feedback, but I'm sure there are more ideas out there. Also +1s are appreciated.

So what's the plan?

I've been greatly amused by some of the combos that are out there in just M13. So, I've decided to make a RG deck that rocks Slumbering Dragon and some Roaring Primadox combos.

Realistically, the plan is to drop one (or more) Slumbering Dragons early in the game and then either wait for my opponent to wake them up or do so myself. The best part being that there are numerous ways I could wake the li'l guys up: 1) Ring of Valkas is an obvious start; 2) Bond Beetle when paired with Roaring Primadox turns into an easy counter per turn for one G; 3) Increasing Savagery or Blessings of Nature will do the trick pretty quickly; or 4) I just let them attack me and rock a Fog, giving him the counters but not dealing the damage to me.

I also like the Roaring Primadox and Elvish Visionary combo to let me draw additional cards each turn.

I currently have Elderscale Wurm in the deck in case they are running heavy removal and take out the Slumbering Dragon s and Roaring Primadox es

I've included some removal of my own in the form of Flames of the Firebrand , and Prey Upon, but is that enough?

Ranger's Guile is in there to shield my dragons while they're sleeping. Then a more permanent solution comes via Mask of Avacyn .

My biggest problems are as follows:1) I fear that I don't have enough removal or evasion. Am I going to get murdered by a counterspell deck or an aggro that's just faster than I am?

2) Should I drop anything to increase the consistency of the deck? I'm not big on 4x of everything because that leads to really predictable decks, but I'd be willing to drop a few things here or there if it will make the deck more consistent.

3) I've run a LOT of simulated hands, and am willing to mulligan down to three or four to make sure I have a Slumbering Dragon to start the game, but I've found a LOT of hands where I'll only have 3-4 mana through the first 7-8 turns. Do I just need more land?

I'm going to be extra receptive to input here as I haven't played anything competitive outside of drafts and releases (which it goes without saying are totally different).

The floor is open... Thoughts?


Updates Add

So Heroin Hero just made its first appearance at FNM and I have discovered quite resoundingly that it does NOT like the Mirrodin block or anything about it for that matter. In 4 rounds I went a solid 1-3, with those 3 losses coming faster than I think I ever remember losing games of Magic...

First Round: Mono-Red Goblin Burn (0-2) This had to be more burn than goblins as he never had more than two goblins on the battlefield (and none of any real consequence). Both games I had mana issues, game 1 too much, game 2 too little. Yet, in both games he manages at least one Shrine of Burning Rage (two in the first game). Yeah, he torches a few critters and blasts me with the shrines. Totally weak.

Second Round: U/W Miracle (0-2) Yeah, you could totally tell this kid net-decked the crap out of this one. This was the pro miracle deck without a doubt. Not much you can do when the first time he even attacks is with three or five 4/4 angels care of Entreat the Angels. I'll be sooo happy when Ponder and Pristine Talisman rotate out.

Third Round: Mono-black (0-2) Here was another case where the Mirrodin block can bite me. Not much you can do when Phyrexian Obliterator hits the board on turn four and is equipped with Lashwrithe the next turn (or the same on a Vampire Nighthawk until the Obliterator hit the field). I'm getting the distinct feeling that until Mirrodin is gone, this deck has ZERO potential.

Fourth Round: Grixis Control for Bolas (2-0) This was my shining moment of the evening, but also one that solidified the weakness of this deck. First game we played to something of a stalemate as he cloned my Silklash Spider and I simply couldn't get through for most of the game. I used Roaring Primadox and Borderland Ranger to pull pretty much EVERY land out of the deck until I finally drew Increasing Savagery, then it was just two turns (as I flashed it back too) and game. The second game came down to a poor draw for him and my dumping the savagery on an Elvish Visionary - sounds silly, but a 6/6 is never a laughing matter. In the end I chalk this one up to his deck having holes though, as we went through it after the games as he's still relatively new.

Conclusion: In four rounds I saw this deck soundly dismantled on numerous occasions. I could easily blame this on the Mirrodin block (which I do to some degree); however, the simple fact is that I never once awoke a Slumbering Dragon. The one time I managed to get one out and equip Swiftfoot Boots, Shrine of Burning Rage made it so he didn't have to attack and could simply wait (I also was land screwed, so that didn't help). Slumbering Dragon is a cool card, but it's just too slow. If I pull an ideal hand, I can have an 8/8 on turn three, but it's not very likely. I'm thinking I'll keep the deck around, but I'll likely be using pieces (Increasing Savagery)for my Golgari deck once RTR hits. Then again, this could be the fact that outside of the one victory match, almost everyone was playing complete net-decks (with at least four instances of U/W Delver... really folks? Do we even know what originality is?).


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