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Heroes: Phalanx Leader PDH

Pauper EDH* Aggro Mono-White Weenie



We can be heroes, just for one day

Phalanx Leader is the epitome of White Weenies in Pauper EDH. Cheap creatures and cheap spells make up the bulk of the deck with one goal in mind: get out Phalanx Leader and grow your weenies. The damage you can deal can snowball fast and with a lack of boardwipes a couple Heroic triggers can make your creatures hard to remove. Being an aggro deck in a multiplayer format, good threat assessment is necessary make sure you make it to the end game.

- Requires little mana to begin
- Lots of evasive creatures make dealing damage relatively easy
- Creatures can become very hard to deal with after a couple Heroic triggers
- Deck is only $30 ($24 if you cut out Path of Ancestry)

- Very vulnerable to hand disruption
- If Phalanx Leader is removed immediately the first couple times you cast it you are dead in the water
- Hard time against stompy decks

Estimated Power Level: 7/10


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This deck is not Pauper EDH legal.

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