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Hero of Secrets



Score: 2


This is a deck using the proposed "Hero" format. I think this stands a chance against anything else.

Check out Introducing the Hero Format (Alpha) for more information.

Questions, comments, whatevers, please leave me a few :D

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Low Avg High
$192.72 $262.16 $429.66
1 missing from calculation
Date added 1 year
Last updated 1 month
Legal formats Commander / EDH, Legacy, Vintage
Illegal cards Hinder , Repulse , Ponder , Gitaxian Probe , Counterspell , Into the Roil , Remand , Phantasmal Image , Snapcaster Mage , Preordain , Talrand, Sky Summoner , Vapor Snag , Augur of Bolas , Dungeon Geists , Howling Mine , Runechanter's Pike , Talrand's Invocation , Brainstorm , Cryptic Command
Cards 60
Avg. CMC 2.11

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