In spite of how it may look, this is not an enchantress deck. This is a very deliberate, controlling mono-white deck that aims to protect you long enough to gather resources and drop massive threats or game-winning combos on the table with little to no notice. Many are made possible by the fact that while the tokens Heliod creates may be fragile and overcosted, they're enchantments in addition to being creatures. Skybind is the most obvious source of abuse for this ability, along with Sphere of Safety and a few other things.

Most of the deck is just pure value, recycling your cards and allowing you to dig for answers and win conditions while stalling for time and making yourself a less attractive target than anyone else at the table. Odds are you'll be able to fly under the radar until it's too late for your opponents to stop you. This deck is the king of the late game, so you want to try your hardest to live long enough to see it.

Just some of the sweet combos you can pull off:

Ashnod's Altar + Sun Titan + Fiend Hunter = Infinite ETBs and colorless mana Reveillark + Karmic Guide + Wall of Omens + sac outlet = Draw your deck Reveillark + Karmic Guide + Blasting Station = Infinite damage Reveillark + Karmic Guide + Archon of Justice + sac outlet = Exile all permanents Gift of Immortality + Burnished Hart = That sweet, sweet mono-white ramp


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