I would love some feedback. Any other card recomendations and the like are wanted and appreciated!

The plan of the deck is pretty simple: Just put out Panharmonicon and cast Gray Merchant of Asphodel and/or Geralf's Messenger. This will do ALOT of damage as both creatures have ETB effects that shred through life all on their own but because of Panharmonicon it doubles the damage! With Geralf's Messenger he can(best case scenario) do 8 damage just by popping in twice. Gray Merchant of Asphodel-GARY- can do well over 20 damage when in a good scenario.

The rest of the deck is filled with other ETB effect creatures except Gifted Aetherborn and Vampire Nighthawk.

The previously mentioned 2 vampires are included because they are fantastic devotion creatures( and respectively), they are deathtouchers and lifelinkers that are fairly hard to kill with their 2/3 body, and most importantly these 2 are my favorite black creatures.

The rest of the deck is filled with creatures that cause disruption. These include: Shriekmaw, Gatekeeper of Malikir, and Brainmaggot. Shriekmaw and Gatekeeper of Malikir are both removal that also happen to be creatures. This means that again our friend Panharmonicon can help out and double their effects. Not to mention Gatekeeper is so thats great for devotion. Brain Maggot is hand disruption in a package. I get to look at their entire hand and exile whatever I need to...until they destroy it but still rather useful.

The sideboard: Idk what exactly I'd like here as I haven't been to my local FNM in a long time; however, I have trimmed it down to what I believe to be some of the best budget options for the deck.

The maybe board is filled with all the cards considered for one point or another in the deck.


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