My next Doctor Who flavour infused deck and my first foray into the EDH format. This one featuring the one and only River look and in theme.

The goal of this combo/control deck is to tap down the enemy's field so that they have no options. Merieke Ri Berit is the obvious choice for my River Song and her ability just begs to be abused. Blinking speeds things up as well. This will be my primary EDH deck so don't be afraid of suggestion things to be too costly I'll make it work to make this deck competitive, win, and amazing. Just please be sure to explain why I should include card "x" and suggestions on how it swap it in.

  • The SideBoard are cards i swap with or want but have figured out how to place or are just situational for daily use
  • MaybeBoard is where all suggestions and ideas that pop in will be going

As always please UPVOTE this if you love it! :)

Merieke Ri Berit is of course River Song, Venser, the Sojourner is David Tennant's Doctor, Conjurer's Closet is very much a Tardis, Tamiyo, the Moon Sage is the manifestation of the Tardis aka "Sexy" (from "The Doctor's Wife" episode), Mangara's Tome is River's diary. and Energy Arc is the soul of the Tardis (most notably seen in "Bad Wolf/The Parting of the Ways")


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Hello again all I am back from a hiatus from the site and slightly from the game been keeping up but haven't really been playing etc. I want to get my deck back on track and was scouring the newest sets for some cards to add into my beloved Merieke deck Which has always been my main EDH Build and has money sunk into her - now with some updates and all I am in need of some help from you all. I am now over the limit sadly and can't see what to cut/swap etc. So please send me all your ideas and lets make this deck more of a pain in the ass than she already was And please check the custom categories option to see how i organized it whether it is ramp, draw, tutor, counters, game enders, commander enablers, or things to interrupt the opponent - Hello Sweetie

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