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A BR Reanimator Demon deck that uses a warped version of the Hellbent mechanic for control.

To start out you want at least one land and an Entomb . Ideally you’ll also have a Reanimate or Exhume to help the combo speed up. Turn one Entomb Griselbrand then turn two Reanimate or Exhume him. Turn three and four get Archfiend of Ifnir + Sire Of Insanity into your graveyard. This is pretty easy with either Buried Alive or drawing and discarding with Griselbrand . I usually Victimize them to get them both going simultaneously by sacrificing a Dread Wanderer or Gutterbones . After that they combo to board wipe and keep my opponents hand empty. The Scorpion God is another draw engine for the Archfiend of Ifnir + Griselbrand + Sire Of Insanity combo, making it so I can cycle through my deck ridiculously fast. If I have all four cards out then every turn I can draw seven cards, discard them at the end of my turn and give all my opponents creatures seven -1/-1 counters and then draw a card for each creature killed this way. It’s a little overboard but it’s so much fun when it goes off. Cut / Ribbons is for light creature control and can even be a win condition late game. Cranial Archive is to ensure I always have cards to draw since I cycle through my deck so fast.

Any tips or suggestions would be great.

UPDATE: I have been testing this deck with my playgroup and it’s seen some pretty awesome wins, but obviously there were some flaws. I’ve updated the card list and replaced some less useful cards with more useful alternatives. I got three copies of Buried Alive to assist with filling my graveyard and three copies of Exhume to assist with reanimating my key combo creatures, Archfiend of Ifnir + Griselbrand + Sire Of Insanity . I also added Sangromancer for a life gain engine that synergizes with the discard and board wipe functions of the deck. In a perfect game the full combo is Sire of Insanity + Archfiend of Ifnir + Griselbrand + The Scorpion God + Sangromancer.


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