Number One Heliod Deck on Tappedout!

My Heliod, Sun-Crowned deck aimed for regular play at commander events. This deck is meant to go wide with weenies while gaining life and pumping them with Heliod's ability.

Heliod, Sun-Crowned + Walking Ballista for infinite damage to close out the game.

Burnished Hart + Gift of Immortality for some good ramp.

All of my life gain cards let me pump my creatures using Heliod's ability but also allows me to draw off of Well of Lost Dreams or Dawn of Hope .

Obligatory Land Tax + Scroll Rack for card draw is in here as well.

The goal is to make a lot of weenies and swing for the kill or the obvious combo with Heliod. Some things to keep in mind is that if a soul sister is down with heliod then every time you make a token you can stack those counters onto the newly made dude. This is especially useful when using Brimaz, King of Oreskos or Hero of Bladehold . This synergy effectively makes the 1/1 cats or soldiers ender as 2/2s or more if there are enough sisters in play, and with Linden, the Steadfast Queen they all get pumped on swing. Other simple things to remember is that the soul sisters paired with Crested Sunmare or Archangel of Thune Also make dudes much larger and makes an army of horses, even on other player's endsteps!

Expedition Map - This card does not actually ramp and only takes up space in the list where I would rather have something else.

Serra's Sanctum - This card is just too expensive at the moment. Even if I had one I only run 15 enchantments including Heliod so I don't know If it would actually be on most games.

Felidar Sovereign - Seems like a free win in this deck, however due to lacking flash or a good ammount of protection it will almost always never see my next turn. I also don't like the feeling of winning with this card. Oddly enough i don't feel this way towards Test of Endurance .

Triskelion - Yeah I know this is the daddy of the Mike&Trike combo but for 6 mana I would need 8 on board to cast it and activate Heliod to give him lifelink.

Elesh Norn, Grand Cenobite - Once again an effect that while great often is too much mana to get down reliably and have it live.

Darien, King of Kjeldor - Read above.

Comments and suggestions are very welcome!!


Updates Add

Thank you all for all the suggestions and edits. I cant believe in such a short period of time my deck has hit number one on all of Tappedout! I will continue to tweak the deck as more cards are released and when I have the time over the weekend I will be updating the description to be more of a primer. Also upon requests I have changed the background to be that of Hall of Heliod's Generosity . Also I have removed Mentor of the Meek , Gilded Lotus and Wall of Reverence for Isolated Watchtower , Legion's Landing  Flip and Crested Sunmare . I have Kor Cartographer in the maybe board now as well.

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