This is a versatile mono-white Heliod deck. I have wanted to build a good mono-white commander deck for a long time and this finally seems to be a playable deck and a great one at that. Strategy: This deck can be played in two ways: casual and competitive. The competitive way is not that different than the casual way except that you tutor for Triskellion and Walking Ballista instead of just good cards. There's an infinite combo with Heliod with them where you give them lifelink with his ability, then every time you remove a counter to deal a damage Heliod will put another counter on them, letting you ping your opponents to death and gain a ridiculous amount of life. There is also a powerful interaction with Ranger-Captain of Eos where in response to his enter the battlefield trigger you can sacrifice him which prevents your opponents from stopping your combo. You then can find Walking Ballista and kill everyone. The casual way of playing this deck revolves around getting on of the "soul sisters" (Soul Warden/Soul's Attendant). This allows you to constantly be gaining life with turns on synergy with Heliod and token makers such as Crested Sunmare and Regna,the Redeemer. Mentor of the meek is especially strong with Regna as it allows you to draw eight cards every rotation of the table. You also want to point Heliod's trigger at your cards that benefit from counters such as Crystalline Crawler, Mindless Automaton, Hangerback Walker, and Etched Oracle.


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