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Heliod Sun Crowned Scales

Modern Combo Counters GW (Selesnya)



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Feel like a Modern Pro as you utilize the new Heliod Combo and swing large threats at your opponent! Start your game off strong with Once Upon a Time to search for combo pieces, Spike Feeder, Heliod, Sun-Crowned, and Walking Ballista. Intimidate your opponent turn 1 by starting with 2-5 lands on the battlefield by sacking an Endless One or Stonecoil Serpent then playing Caravan Vigils to search for another land. Use Hardened Scales to get a 2/2 Walking Ballista on the battlefield early or to get Spike Feeder to grow itself. Use Ranger-Captain of Eos to search for Walking Ballista, or if you already have Ballista out, get yourself a Wasteland Viper to grant Walking Ballista deathtouch.


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