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Heck, it's another one of my uncommon tribal decks. It isn't the best or the strongest deck, but it was fun to put together.


It's Lit (+1)


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Things were a little ruff, so I did an overall update of quantities and whatnot, including the removal of everything green. I also replaced Door of Destinies with Coat of Arms and added Supernatural Stamina.


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+1 Jackal Familiar main
+4 Coat of Arms main
+4 Supernatural Stamina main
-4 Door of Destinies main
-3 Canopy Vista main
-1 Concerted Effort main
-3 Ainok Survivalist main
+1 Warclamp Mastiff main
+1 Isolated Chapel main
-1 Supernatural Stamina maybe
-1 Ancient Ziggurat maybe