My goal here was to make a deck with nothing but creatures and lands that could still hold its own. Karador, Ghost Chieftain is perfect for this deck, because his recursion makes up for a lot of the defensive power lost by eschewing instants, enchantments, and artifacts. Plus, he rarely costs more than 3 mana to cast.

The first version of the deck included a lot of cheap creatures with abilities mimicking other spells, like Spellshapers and Licids, and a lot of creature destruction. Ive been refining it for a few years, and the current version is more focused on early game control with creatures like Gaddock Teeg, setting up ways to tutor and cheat in big guys, and then locking everyone down with brutal control combos so I can take my time finishing them off.

My playgroup doesnt run a whole lot of graveyard hate, so this deck might not fare so well as is in a meta that does, but it can lock the game down pretty hard once its up and running, so theres still a chance if no one gets the hate started too early.

This is the deck as it is right now. Suggestions are welcome, but even better would be thoughts about which cards I might be able to take out to make room for more goodies.

This section under construction.
This is a control deck that relies nasty, hard-hitting combos that can lock down the whole table. While it's possible to win by spamming Fleshbag Marauder and attacking, the most common method is to use one of the following combos:

The Classic: Avacyn, Angel of Hope + Novablast Wurm was my original win con. Just keep blowing up all creatures and attacking with everything you've got, and there's not much anyone can do. Magus of the Disc or Archfiend of Depravity plus some extra creature destruction can replace the Wurm if you get Avacyn first.

The Gaddockdown: Gaddock Teeg can almost stop entire decks by himself, especially if you get him out early. Sanctum Prelate can make him even worse, but for the finishing move, Brisela, Voice of Nightmares ends the casting of all non-creature spells.

Nullification: Eidolon of Rhetoric + Nullstone Gargoyle makes it almost impossible to cast anything but one creature per turn, which is easy to dispose of. Doesn't prevent cheating in creatures by other means, though!


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