Mono-White lifegain and angel/human deck. Goal is to attempt to gain as much life as possible while bringing out cheap human creatures, until the player has enough mana to bring out the deck's angels. Relies heavily on Herald of War however for mana purposes, but through play-testing I've found it isn't really too much of a problem. Comments/Suggestions welcome!


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Made some changes which seems to make the deck work for the better.

Removed Platinum Angel to add Iona, Shield of Emeria. Added another Herald of War, added Avacyn, Angel of Hope, added Angel of Serenity, added Tablet of the Guilds, added Restoration Angel, added Angelic Overseer, added Angel of Jubilation. All cards added replaced other cards I took out.

Also added a sideboard.

The deck has been working very nicely, I'm pretty happy about it.


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