This is an updated version of a deck I used to have years ago. After play testing this deck it has more synergy than I had originally thought. The basic idea is that you get Angels out early using Ashnod's Altar + Ornithopter + Pattern of Rebirth (or any other creature) which become not only heavy hitters but also disable your opponent with Iona, Shield of Emeria which will completely lock out mono-color decks and heavily disable most multi-color decks. For longer games you may chose to bring out Resolute Archangel in order to bring your life total back up to where it started. Life gain can also be supplemented with Heroes' Reunion. Disable your opponent further with Wrath of God, Armageddon and Catastrophe to control creatures and mana production. Add Avacyn, Angel of Hope to that mix and you are only destroying your opponents creatures/lands. On a very basic level you can mana ramp by using Llanowar Elves and Priest of Titania (my signature card). Skyshroud Elf helps not only with mana ramp but also with mana conversion. This can allow any amount of Green (Priest of Titania)or Colorless (Ashnod's Altar) mana to be converted to White mana in the case that Pattern of Rebirth gets destroyed, forcefully discarded, etc. Aside from that Akroma, Angel of Wrath acts as a quick (haste) heavy hitter as well as Radiant, Archangel + Victory's Herald allowing you to swoop in with many flying creatures with lifelink and buffing Radiant, Archangel in the process. Ornithopter can also add to this effect without cost. If all else fails you can ping your opponent to death with 1/1 creatures enchanted by Pattern of Rebirth since your opponent will be weary to attack/block for fear of bringing bigger creatures out before they can get set up well. Also average CMC is actually 3.24. Ornithopter doesn't get counted when calculated on the site though it should due to it not being a land. Though I am sure some better creatures could be added to this outside of the Angel/Elf subtypes I am really trying to keep it within that as it is the theme for this deck. Any suggestions, especially for sideboard, are welcome.


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