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Heaven on the roam. (Weenie hatebears)

Modern* Angels Competitive Hatebears Humans Mono-White




Combination of fast early and heavy late. Thats my monowhite Angel-Human deck with decent control strategy.

Long time before this deck i played pure multicolor angels but disadvantage of lame early game made me think about some change in it. White colour is hard to play in competetive and in my opinion the red or blue decks are higly more succesful than white. BUT
In this deck i tried to combine protection Brave the Elements against spells with Grand Abolisher to stay uncountered, removal Oblivion Ring, Path to Exile or Banisher Priest of inconveniences like Vampires, Dragons and so on. For staying away from things like Elves, Goblins and Zombies i chose Ghostly Prison Player is covered and protected by low mana Humans just for time when is ready to make final damage by any of your Angels with flying.

Hope you will enjoy it and for any suggestion please leave a comment below. I will higly appreciate it! Inspired by LordDerrien thank you !


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