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B/R Heartless Summoning deck with a focus on vampires and demons, getting ready for post-rotation Standard.


Heartless Summoning - If you don't run 4 in this kind of a deck, you're doing something wrong. The -1/-1 is negligible considering the tempo advantage from your creatures costing 2 fewer mana, and Necropolis Regent will make your creatures bigger anyway.

Bloodgift Demon - When you drop a Heartless Summoning, this is a Phyrexian Arena. An Arena that just happens to be stapled to a free 4/3 flyer. Despite the life loss, this demon gives you large boost in card advantage.


Bloodline Keeper  Flip - This is all sorts of card advantage, although he's still slow even with Heartless Summoning . If you can get 1-2 copies to flip over into Lord of Lineage  Flip , you probably more than nullified any disadvantage you may have had the creature front. Plays well with other vampires.

Vampire Nighthawk - An intimidating blocker that can gain you back some of the life you've no doubt lost during the first couple of turns while you get yourself situated. Has some good synergy with Lord of Lineage  Flip .

Necropolis Regent - I love this card for no reason. She's a brutal finisher that pumps up your other creatures by insane amounts. If you land her, get two attack phases, and your opponent isn't dead, you're doing something very wrong. The regent isn't a titan but... after October 5th, nothing will be!

Thundermaw Hellkite - Usually when this lands, all your creatures become unblockable for a turn. Your only enemy is Silklash Spider and friends with reach.

Dreadbore - Poops all over your opponent's good stuff. We don't have any good kill spells (what am I going to use, Murder? HAHAHA.) so even though this is a sorcery it's too useful to ignore.


Falkenrath Marauders - A bad card that gets better when you have Heartless Summoning and Necropolis Regent out. The haste is pretty useful, and if you can't land a Regent then the Marauders will still get bigger. I'll probably remove this card for something cooler.

Liliana of the Dark Realms - More card advantage. Liliana can get you more lands in case things go south with your Heartless Summoning , kill opposing creatures, and buff your own creatures in the hope of doling out lethal damage.


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