Well we've come back to Ravnica, but due to Innistrad Zombies are still going strong, after looking at many Top 8 placing zombie lists, I've revised my own, its better, bigger, and totally uncensored now.


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So I went 4-0 tonight in my Monday night league, and found out that Blood Artist still wins you game, trample damage is good, but not essential and that controlling the board with multiple artists out says you have no response. In rebuttal to some posted comments, I do not run Rancor because I never, ever want a forest in my first two turns, it slows down Geralf's Messenger unless you draw into a dual land, with only 8 in a 60 card deck that is only a 2:15 chance of having one in the opening hand, which while this seems good, I prefer the consistency of a mostly mono-colored deck, I've never not been able to play Lotleth Troll and the reason he is at 3 in this deck, is because the only creatures I want to discard to him are Gravecrawlers and Slitherheads, though the occasional late game Diregraf Ghoul. Dreg Mangler seems good, 3/3 haste can lead up to good damage on turn 3 swings, however, I would rather have board recursion (with Geralf's Messenger) and a simplification of the overall mana curve. This deck is great and fast because it curves at 3, their are 3 4 drops, MutilateJarad, Golgari Lich Lord and Disciple of Bolas Jarad and Disciple both act as life gain engines, and disciple for card draw, consistently strong options on the turn 4 play. Mutilate and Killing Wave win games by forcing people to sack into the Blood Artist. This deck has tricks, and that is what allows it to win, with no tricks, B/G zombie aggro does not have enough presence with the mass removal available in the standard format to win, as proved this past weekend, by multiple lists of zombie builds, top 8ing but not placing first.


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