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Hey everyone!

Finally posting my very first deck here on Tappedout. I've still fairly new to magic compared to many of the more prominent members on this site seeing as I started around the Amonkhet block. So technically not even a year old in magic years lol

The idea to build Hazoret began when a friend of mine decided he wanted to build a Rhonas the Indomitable deck. He's been in the game far longer than myself and arguably the best builder/player of our playgroup. So a new deck was an exciting concept. Shortly after that another member of the group decided he wanted to build Bontu the Glorified to compete against it. This lead to the suggestion that we all try to take on an Amonkhet god. Hazoret was the first to stand out in my mind so I claimed her. I had never messed with red much so this seemed like a grand opportunity to try it out for myself.

Hazoret has proven to be a bit of a challenge in that her ability to actually have a presence on the board requires you to do the exact opposite of what you normally want to do in edh, which is draw more cards. So the first consideration was to have enough card draw spells to hopefully keep the ball rolling so you aren't just top decking all day every day. At the same time you want spells that are cheap enough to cast quickly so that you can get yourself back down to 1 or less soon after.

The strategy then is to play fast and hard with the idea in mind that everything burns. If your opponents creatures aren't particularly threatening go over the top and hit them directly. Once Repercussion hits the board the heat really turns up. Target everything they play and that nifty enchantment will make sure they feel the burn as well. Add in a couple damage doublers like Furnace of Rath and Gratuitous Violence and we can really get to pumping out some insane damage!

Red doesn't have much in the way of tutors compared to other colors so we use Stranglehold to bring everyone else down to our level. If they can't search libraries for their combo pieces it only buys us more time to reduce them and their deck to ash.

Arcbond + Pariah's Shield is in there as an alternative win-con. Equip it to Hazoret, cast Arcbond and then activate her ability one time to create and infinite damage loop that will kill your opponents in one fell swoop. While I normally tend to avoid infinite combos this one is pretty interruptible so I don't feel too bad about putting it in.

I'll be adding more soon once I have more time

Comments and suggestions are always welcome!


Updates Add

More playtesting has revealed some more of the cards that have proven less useful than I'd like. More suggestions have been swapped in.

Out: -1xCrucible of Worlds -1xSmuggler's Copter -1xAvaricious Dragon -1xHanweir Garrison -1xBraid of Fire -1xBlood Mist -1xFork -1xReverberate -1xMountain -1xConflagrate -1xInsult//Injury

In: +1xEnsnaring Bridge +1xMana Crypt +1xAnger +1xSolemn Simulacrum +1xWildfire Eternal +1xBlood Moon +1xChaos Warp +1xCharmbreaker Devils +1xWasteland +1xDaretti, Scrap Savant +1xAct on Impulse


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