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Hazezon, King of the Sand Warriors

Commander / EDH




Hazezon Tamar, with a heavy focus on generating as many tokens as possible through flickering, additional token bonuses and land ramp.

Building up your land base with early ramp, playing into your commander, buffing your tokens and flickering your commander when the hate comes knocking.


This commander is the center of the deck. He will be your main source of token generation ( not the only one, but definitely most of it ).

It's best to think of Hazezon as a glass cannon. Once he's on the field, he will become the focus of a lot of hate as a means of suicide clearing your own board. However, this can be used to your advantage with Shields of Velis Vel. Target the player trying to get rid of Hazezon and watch their board state collapse.


Purphoros, God of the Forge + any large token gen. Self explanatory really. Purph deals 2 damage to each opponent per creature you bring in. Generate 20 tokens for 40 damage.

Cathars' Crusade + token gen + Craterhoof Behemoth. It only takes a few extra tokens to turn Craterhoof into an absurd creature.

Insurrection For the times when your enemy's boardstates are bigger than yours. Why do the hard work when they've already done it for you?

Creator's notes and tips:

This deck should be played in 3 distinct phases.

Turns 1-4: land ramp. Ramp hard and fast. Make sure you start with at least one of the may forms of ramp in your opening hand, or at least one of the ways to get more card draw.

Turns 4-7: Build up support board state, opponent's aggression permitting. Get your enchantments and artifacts onto the field and your support creatures too.

Turns 7+: Bring in Hazezon. If they haven't stopped you by this point, let the deck do what it does best: Explode. The game should be over by next turn, one way or another.


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