OUT: March of the Multitudes IN: Dragon Broodmother

Considering Adding: Imperial Recruiter Anger Ugin, the Spirit Dragon

I'm fairly happy with the deck as is. March of the Multitudes felt very win-more, in the same way as Secure the Wastes. I like Dragon Broodmother as a sac outlet I can Green Sun's Zenith or Natural Order for. Probably not adding Anger until I get a Survival of the Fittest.

I'm having some trouble closing out games once I've played Hazezon Tamar, which is the main reason Concordant Crossroads is in here. Considering adding Final Fortune and Last Chance because I always seem to be one turn off of being able to cast Craterhoof Behemoth or whatever other game winning card.

Main draw engines are Camaraderie, Shamanic Revelation, and Skullclamp, which has been working pretty well. I was trying out Regal Force but it was always my worst Natural Order target.

Any insight/suggestions are much appreciated


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