Over the past few years I have been building some decks, all of which failed. Why? They didn't use the full power of the jank. So today's creation is the opposite, super Janky, 0 meta-game cards but raw power.


The main purpose of this deck is basically to throw a lot of crap at your opponent via Your giving engines Bazaar Trader and Harmless Offering. However this can take some time and therefore you need to survive till turn 4 with the help of some control elements, before you can give your opponent some highly restrictive cards like Steel Golem or Blood Funnel.


Mana Base Really flexible according to your budget. Honestly just threw in some random stuff. Just make sure that it's mostly Black.

Giving Engines

Opt : Not really a giving engine, but used to look for one. Replace with serum visions if you feel like splashing the cash :D

Harmless Offering : Primary giving engine, able to give any permanent at sorcery speed, pretty self explanatory. Use mainly for enchantments as it is the only giving engine able to do so.

Bazaar Trader : Creature, weak to removal but gets the job done. However unable to give enchantments which could be better.


Steel Golem : pain in the ass for decks that run on creatures. Smack this on them on turn 3 and they can go home

Blood Funnel : Amazing card for this deck. Absolute denial for a burn deck. Also turns your win conditions, such as Demonic Pact into 2 drops at the price of a Rat ;)

Dross Harvester : Raw 4 damage every turn.... tic-tock tic-tock. Easily blockable by Fog Bank

Killer "Gifts"

Immortal Coil : Turns your opponents lovely graveyard into a suddenly very small looking life counter. You can now easily erase him from existence with a swing of a Tormod's Crypt

Demonic Pact : A time bomb throwing cookies as it ticks off. Give the cookies to yourself and give it to your opponent just before it explodes.


Izzet Charm : Faithless looting, counterspell and removal all in one. Use it to stay alive .

Duress : Budget alternative to Inquisition. Helps remove key elements to your opponents deck

Pharika's Chosen & Typhoid Rats : Annoying 1 drops with death touch. Sacrifice them freely.

Fog Bank : Blocker. Weak to removal.

Muddle the Mixture : Counterspell that doubles as a search engine for more Harmless Offering


This is where you can help. This deck is still under constriction and looking for improvements and sideboard suggestions. Any are welcome, but bear in mind this is a budget brew. Let's show the world the forgotten power of the JANK BREW


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