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Happy Slappy Combat Pappy (Tahngarth FM Edh)

Commander / EDH Aggro Control RG (Gruul) Theme/Gimmick Voltron


Out of all of Commander 2019, the Legendary that piqued my interest the most is Tahngarth, First Mate. I loved the flavor of this minotaur just jumping into every battle available, and I wanted to try something that allows me to be active and gain value from every single combat.

So the goal of this deck is to suit Tahngarth up and send him into as many combat phases as possible. Since he's never effectively declared an attacker, this helps bypass things like Ghostly Prison or Propaganda.

His auras and equipment need to be specific though, and not just any effects will be beneficial. Since control transfers to the player who is attacking, he'll need support from things like Darksteel Plate and Assault Suit to prevent that player from causing any shenanigans while he's visiting. Furthermore, equipment and enchantments that affect creatures I control lose their effectiveness while he's off gallivanting around the battlefield, so things like Sword of Truth and Justice, Blackblade Reforged, and Prying Blade all have value.

Seeing as anthem effects aren't as effective with Tahngarth, +1/+1 counters and proliferate allow me to impact his P/T, regardless where he is on the field.

Lastly, Tahngarth ONLY does his job if my opponents are attacking each other and not me. I can do this a variety of ways. Obviously the Goad mechanic is amazing, and while I'd LOVE Disrupt Decorum, it's a little out of my budget at the moment, so instead I'll go with Bloodthirsty Blade. The idea is to create a beefy board state that discourages other players from attacking me if I don't have mechanics in play that force them to attack each other. While I'd LOVE if Tahngarth was in Naya colors, allowing me to run Marisi, Breaker of the Coil, that's just not an option.

I'd love additional feedback. The goal of this deck is to just have fun, I don't expect a high win rate but any tips that could make it more playable would be fantastic.


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