EDH deck with Hanna, Ship's Navigator as commander.

Trying to implement pillowfort and land destruction/mana lock effects and in the same time abuse Hana, Ship's navigator with cards like mind slaver , Tangle Wire , Oblivion Stone, Ratchet Bomb, Aura of Silence and other artifacts/enchantments with sac abilities etc...

Pillowfort package consists of Ghostly Prison, Propaganda, War Tax (three vital cards that also protect me from inevitable hate) there's also Meekstone with similar effect and of course Humility and mass removal spells).

Land destruction/mana lock consists of the usual Winter Orb, Static Orb , Tangle Wire package. Armageddon, Cataclysm, Catastrophe are here for mass land destruction. Mana Vortex and Land Tax, Sun Titan or Crucible of Worlds is another combo where I can gradually remove my opponent's lands.

If there's no recursion engine for my lands, mana rocks enable me to have an edge over my opponents when I nuke the board.

Smokestack is a finisher card, but can also be used early or mid-game in certain situations. Once again I can use one of my recursion engines or a token producers ( Mobilization , Luminarch Ascension, Myr Battlesphere) to fully utilise smokestack.

Luminarch Ascension and Steel Hellkite are here to finish off the game when I lock the board through pillowfort or mana denial.

Alternate win conditions consist of Azor's Elocutors and Solitary Confinment and a three way combo with Salvaging Station + Grinding Station + Flayer Husk .

It's still a work in progress so please share your thoughts, observations, suggestions.


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