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Hakim Potter - Hakim, Loreweaver (EDH)

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Everyone feels bad for the brave and humble Neville Longbottom when people forget that he killed the final Horcrux, Nagini, but why have I never even heard a peep about Hakim, Loreweaver? Hakim is perhaps one of the strongest wizards to ever come out of Hogwarts but everyone just scrolls by him assuming he is a misprint because he is messing around with enchantments in blue while everyone else is casting Expelliarmus over and over (i.e. counter spells and removal out the ass). Let me tell you something, do you want to be like everyone else and counter the absolute SHIT out of everything and ruin the experience for everyone around you? If not, maybe Hakim, Lorewearver is your man because he is fresh and unique and has the potential to become an absolute powerhouse if you just give him a chance.

As you read through this deck please leave any feedback on things you feel could help improve the deck. This deck is in early development and all feedback is greatly appreciated!

By reading Hakim, Loreweaver, I believe a lot of people have the immediate thought to load up 20-30 enchantments in the deck, throw in some ramp, and leave it at that. However, I think this is a recipe for disaster and is partially why he gets a bad rep. Playing mono-blue, if you have 20-30 enchantments in the deck and don't draw into that semi-dream hand, you are just left with a bunch of enchantments that don't really do anything or have too high CMC to play. Because of this, I designed this deck to be more creature based (mostly wizards) and not necessarily require a beefed up Hakim to win the game.

You might notice there are only 12 enchantments in this deck and nearly half of them give some sort of shroud like effect. I do not expect to play any of the enchantments from my graveyard except Eldrazi Conscription, but if I get other enchantments in the graveyard that works too. Over half the enchantments provide tap/untap and shroud to protect creatures like Willbreaker, Teferi, Mage of Zhalfir, Riptide Director, Lighthouse Chronologist, Ertai, Wizard Adept, Azami, Lady of Scrolls, Archetype of Imagination and of course Hakim as well. All of these creatures have a powerful ability that I want to keep on the board to give me more ramp, draw, control, etc., and make use of my enchantments if I draw into a hand that cannot immediately get a lot of my library into the graveyard.

Escape Artist and Thalakos Deceiver are great creatures to apply the +X/+X boost enchantments on as you can then swing more powerful unblockable creatures, and if you ever want the enchantments in the graveyard for Hakim simply bounce or sacrifice them and the enchantments will be sent there.

If you ever wish an enchantment to be attached to something else (even if an opponent owns it), then Crown of the Ages, Aura Graft, and Enchantment Alteration are perfect for the job.

With all that said about how you do not NEED Hakim to be stacked to the roof with enchantments to win, it is definitely still the most satisfying to swing a buffed up Hakim for the win (buffs include Docent of Perfection  Flip, Auramancer's Guise, Drake Umbra, Eel Umbra, Eldrazi Conscription, Pemmin's Aura, Zephid's Embrace, Caged Sun, and Gauntlet of Power). To get these enchantments into the graveyard, Mirror-Mad Phantasm and Traumatize are by far the most efficient (you can also tutor for Traumatize using Mystical Tutor). If you do not have those, you can do some draw and discard effects like Jace's Archivist, Pull from Tomorrow, Windfall, and Thought Courier. It should be noted I have no cards that grant "no maximum handsize" so that I can always discard down to 7 and toss any enchantments or other cards I do not need.

Hakim requires a lot of mana to equip multiple enchantments, so we want to make sure we have ramp in this deck. A list of all ramp cards are: Stonybrook Banneret, Caged Sun, Extraplanar Lens, Gauntlet of Power, Sapphire Medallion, and Sol Ring.

Additionally, we always want to be drawing more cards because we are mono blue and that is how we get more answers during our games. A list of all draw spells are: Pull from Tomorrow, Windfall, Braingeyser, Thought Courier, Riptide Director, Rayne, Academy Chancellor, Jace's Archivist, Enclave Cryptologist, and Azami, Lady of Scrolls

Barrin, Master Wizard: I can recur enchantments... That should explain this guy.

Docent of Perfection  Flip: This is a wizard themed deck so it is very easy to flip him after one instant or sorcery is played. When flipped this card can be overwhelming and win games simply through combat damage.

Decree of Silence: An evil card but feels great whenever this gets cheated in.

Willbreaker: I have shroud enchantments, so if an opponent plays a really good creature, just enchant it and it is mine now.

Vanishing: The perfect way to protect Hakim or any of my creatures from removal. But also the perfect way to banish somebody else's commander forever if I am feeling extra mean.

Illusionist's Bracers: So many cards in this deck have good abilities when copied... Hakim, Loreweaver, Barrin, Master Wizard, Azami, Lady of Scrolls, Beguiler of Wills, Riptide Director, and Vodalian Illusionist

Sorcerer's Wand: Decent removal and makes use of idle wizards. Easy to take out tough creatures too in later turns when more mana is available.


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