Mono White Heroic

The idea behind this deck is to be fast and deadly. This works best when Phalanx Leader hits the battlefield early to pump everything else that comes out, in particular Fabled Hero .

Defence comes in the form of protection spells which have the added bonus of triggering heroic abilities, such as Gods Willing.

Attack is made even more potent by protection as it makes creatures unblockable as well as pumping them by triggering heroic abilities.

A conventional game for this deck will consist of getting a Phalanx Leader or Cavalry Pegasus out by turn 2. However if an opponent is running heavy removal then waiting until turn 3 if the deck has a protection spell available is standard practise, this both fizzles one of their spells and potential pumps one of my creatures. If a Phalanx has gone down early then I'd normally wait to bestow the Eidolon of Countless Battles rather than cast it as a creature. With sufficient mana available its always advised to leave one open to dissuade opponents from targeting my creatures over fear of a protection spell. After that its hit the opponent hard and often, using Ordeal of Heliod to cancel out any life loss due to reprisal.

Fabled Hero + Cavalry Pegasus Flying double strike attacks.

Blessing + Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx Potential for a massive pump to a creature.

Archetype of Courage If I don't have a protection spell available then having all my creatures with first strike is a very useful tool in the arsenal of this deck ensuring creatures stay alive and devotion stays high.

Cavalry Pegasus Removes the need to play protection spells for unblockable attacks if an opponent is without any flying defence. The protection spells can then be saved as a re-active rather than a pro-active element of this deck and only used when necessary.

Eidolon of Countless BattlesUseful for heroic activation and can be an effective pump for any creatures due to the number of cheap aura's and creatures in the deck. Force in numbers.

Fabled Hero The heavy hitter in the deck. If pumped by the heroic activation of a Phalanx Leader or its own heroic and or auras can be made unblockable by protection to do game ending damage to an opponent.

Phalanx Leader Why put a +1/+1 on one target creature by activating a heroic ability when you can target this and put a +1/+1 on every creature you have out by targeting this creature.

Ajani's Presence Opens up the possibly for multiple heroic triggers with one card with the added side effective of indestructibility and a pump.

Center Soul A potential double heroic trigger when rebounded and even more protection.

Gods WillingMulti-purpose within this deck, useful for reacting to creature removal, allows heroic activation, luring an opponent into blocking a smaller creature followed by a heroic activation and subsequent pump to kill blockers, and finally for making key creatures unblockable to do lethal damage.

Blessing Allows the possibility for massive amounts of pump if a Shrine to Nyx comes out due to the number double white mana cost enchantments and creatures in the deck which means devotion will be high.

Blind ObedienceSlows an opponents entry into the battlefield which considering the low CMC of this deck means I can hit them more often in the early game before they can establish a presence on the battlefield. In addition to this the low CMC of the cards in this deck means a consistent ping for damage and life gain for me every time I play a spell.

Ordeal of Heliod A useful heroic trigger that will incrementally pump the enchanted creature after the initial heroic activation. The substantial amount of life gain means being able to survive retaliatory attacks if I have committed everything to a previous attack by myself.

GodsendIts amazing, enough said.

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