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Gwafa Hazid, The Cheap Way To Be Political! (~$15)

Commander / EDH Budget Casual Group Hug Jank Multiplayer W/U (Azorius)



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Welcome to Hyper Budget Gwafa Hazid!

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A little while ago, I wanted to build a casual group hug deck for my commander playgroup, but I decided a long time ago that I would no longer spend lots of money on things like Magic. This lead me on a search to find a group hug general that I could build without spending more than $20 on the whole deck, and would be fun to play. Then one day I found Gwafa Hazid, Profiteer, and he was exactly what I was looking for.

The design for this list is group hug merged with some politics, as while I do like sitting back and helping people, I also want to make sure that I don't just allow one of the other players to just win the game. Gwafa Hazid's real purpose in this deck is just to make sure that mean commanders like Zurgo Helmsmasher never actually attack you, and is more political protection then anything else.

When playing this deck, it's important to note that our win-cons have to be deceptive (just because you can kill three people with Windfall, doesn't mean you should do it) Your playgroup will remember the games they played with you in the past, and if you are not true to the gameplan, they will likely just kill you because you have made it a mill deck, not a general group hug deck.



Commander's Sphere, Everflowing Chalice, Mycosynth Wellspring, Spectral Searchlight , Wayfarer's Bauble, Ghirapur Orrery

-There isn't a ton of ramp in this deck, and that's because the deck mainly consists of cards that have a mana cost of four or below, and I wanted the outcome of each game to be as political as possible.

Card Draw & Filtering

Jace's Archivist, Kami of the Crescent Moon, Lore Broker , Intellectual Offering , Vision Skeins , Words of Wisdom , Flux , Prosperity, Skyscribing, Ghirapur Orrery, Temple Bell, Well of Knowledge , Monastery Siege, Oath of Scholars .

One of the main methods of helping people is by letting them draw cards, as every commander player loves to draw cards, so hopefully you can bargain with them in order to survive.

Board Control

Reins of Power, Order of Succession , Planar Cleansing, Phyrexian Rebirth,Tragic Arrogance, Wave of Reckoning , Captivating Glance

-Not everyone is as nice as you are, (someone could actually try to WIN! Imagine that!) So, you'll need board control to make sure your friends don't kill each other (or you).


Afterlife , Crib Swap, Oblation, Pongify, Revoke Existence , Terashi's Grasp , Act of Authority,Darksteel Mutation, Oblivion Ring

-Sometimes people make mistakes, and play mean, nasty cards that nobody likes (like Worldslayer. Make sure that those nasty cards never stay on the board for long and you'll definiety have a friend or two around the table.

Pure Politics

Loxodon Peacekeeper , Perplexing Chimera, Soldevi Sentry , Wishmonger , Benevolent Offering , Orzhov Advokist Domineering Will , Intellectual Offering , Order of Succession , Peace Talks , Vow of Duty, Mystic Barrier Zur's Weirding.

-All of these cards are designed to be used as a way to interact with the game and change how it is going, whether someone is getting picked on and some Holy Days need to happen, or someone needs to draw an answer with Soldevi Sentry .

How To Not Be Killed

False Prophet , Orzhov Advokist, Windborn Muse, Holy Day, Orbs of Warding, Island Sanctuary, Ivory Mask, Lightmine Field

-All of these cards should help in persuading other players from attacking you, or killing you with something like a massive Comet Storm.

How To Win

Reins of Power, Prosperity, Skyscribing, Windfall, Perplexing Chimera stealing a creature, a big Phyrexian Rebirth

This deck is supposed to be mostly politics and group hug, so our wincons are pretty sneaky.


Feel free to leave some budget friendly suggestions! I am trying to keep the cost of this deck below $20 so that other people around the site can have as much fun as I am!



Sargeras says... #1


I would first start by upgrading the manabase a bit further just to ensure consistency, also, ramp staples like Sol Ring and whatnot would be great.

As for the rest, I'm unsure, as I've already used many of the commonly known blue and white group hug cards here, but feel free to experiment and find what works for you!

March 13, 2017 2:06 a.m.

Sloppie says... #2

I am personally confused on the win-con here. Care to elaborate? loving the deck otherwise +1 from me!

March 20, 2017 12:32 p.m.

Sargeras says... #3


Since we are a group hug deck, we can't have an obvious wincon, otherwise someone might just say, "I'm going to attack you because you could combo off at anytime" and you'll be dead. Reins of Power alone might just have someone attacking you because we do play pillowfort cards.

Instead, our main plan is to mill out the other players when they are low on cards, since we play so many "Each player draws X" type cards, we can actually get other players to mill out from a big prosperity. Another example is that plenty of people play cards like Reliquary Tower to keep whatever they draw, and Windfall has been known to mill out other players.

The other idea here is that you SHOULD be killed last because you can just say "I'm helping you, why attack me?" and other things like that, and since nothing we play is really that scary, people should be worried about the other people at the table, not you.

You also have to remember that people will remember previous games, so your playstyle has to reflect a group-hug method as well.

March 20, 2017 6:05 p.m.

Polupus says... #4

Great Deck!

Followed Footsteps would be really fun in here with Perplexing Chimera and Archaeomancer

March 21, 2017 3:40 a.m.

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