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G/W HateBears is really all about blowing up opponents lands fast, and then dealing damage through your 3/4/5 drops to finish them off.



Douges says... #1

My sideboard is my biggest concern, the maybeboard has a few cards I see as very good but just didn't make the cut, but I really am not sure if I chose the right cards. I've only been around Modern for a month or so and am still finding out the biggest weaknesses to this deck.

I haven't played RedDeck Wins, but I'm guessing that would be my toughest match up.

Storm isn't too hard with Leylines out and Canonist.

Affinity I bring in the Artifact hate and angels of jube. The Angels, Wilt's and Gavony stop my guys from being killed off easily from burn spells.

October 1, 2013 12:17 a.m.

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