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This deck is something I've been building for awhile, I want to be able to hold my ground until I can get a cathars on the board securely. Harder said than done, and after going 0-5 in multiple FNM's I feel like this deck will never go anywhere with the Cathars I want it to be based around. Main problem I'm having in my local meta is flying, but any and all suggestions are will be looked at. Thanks for your help.


MentalVacancy says... #1

I have tried using cathars in the past. The problem is that it comes in too late to be very much use. I think I would prefer collective blessing simply because it is useful immediately. This is the deck I tried both collective blessing and cathars crusade in:


Neither really gave enough benefit to keep in. I think Gavony Township is a much better buff solution.

I like your feed the pack buff synergy idea. Lingering Souls would probably help you against air. If it isnt enough, just add Deadly Recluse or Silklash Spider .

November 15, 2012 1:30 a.m.

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