My first true homebrew foray into the Pauper format, started as a Selesnya Human tribal list, and is now a kind of hybrid between the original strat and an exert subtheme. Functions mostly as a traditional aggro deck that uses mana dorks to dump hand as quickly as possible and then start beating face.

Main synergy involves Marshaling Cry giving vigilance to either Rhonas's Stalwart or Gust Walker or both to exert freely while pumping up your board. Cry is seriously one of the best inclusions in this list; sometimes cycling on T2 is the correct choice, and with flashback you can still play it from your graveyard on a developed board later.

Standard Bearer is typically a sideboard card, but my playgroup consists entirely of Black/x decks with lots of removal, so I find it kind of necessary in the main. Also hoses the Bogles matchup.

Doomed Traveler and Gather the Townsfolk provide nice buffers against Edict effects.

Always looking for suggestions and constructive criticism. Happy brewing!


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