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Inspired by the standard maverick deck. This is more of a flicker deck using exile cards like Cloudshift, Fiend Hunter, and Vanish into Memory to either double up on come into play effects, or flicker my opposition out of the way so I can hurt the enemy.

I really want to fit in two Eternal Witness and a Thragtusk as well, but cant figure out what to cut.

Im on a tight budget for new cards but open to suggestions.


Played a few games recently. The deck plays pretty well. Dropped two Inquisitor Exarch for Thragtusk and Eternal Witness. Dropped one Flickering Ward for a Viridian Shaman

Rafiq is sick with flickering ward. He dishes out 8 damage a turn with exalted and double strike.


nanoex1 says... #1

Deadeye Navigator will be the ultimate card for the deck. Because he flickers whatever you need, i mean think about him flickering Thragtusk all day long. And i would recommend a Birthing Pod or two so you can get to your needed targets. Its a phenomenal tutor card.

August 20, 2012 12:19 p.m.

Thundernuts says... #2

Thanks for commenting Nanoex1. I dont think the Deadeye Navigator s will work too well in this deck. They are expensive to cast and use in a deck where I am only splashing blue for a few key lost cost spells.

I'll try out replacing the 4 card:Green Sun's Zenith with 4 Birthing Pod . Im not sure its any better than the green sun but we shall see.

August 21, 2012 10:38 a.m.

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