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Oh, how I love a good guttersnipe deck! I was so excited when he was put back into standard that I just HAD to make a deck around him. I'm not that big into Standard or in general 60 card deck play as I mostly play EDH so any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

This deck is burn-deck 101. The whole goal of this deck is to put out either Guttersnipe and/or Electostatic Field and drop out fast and cheap instants/sorceries that deal damage to your opponent, you don't want to target creatures unless you absolutely have to, so you deal damage to your opponent(s) from both the instant/sorcery and the damage that Guttersnipe/Electrostatic Field deals to your opponent(s) with their respective abilities. An alternative win con added to the deck is Enigma Drake, with this creature, you can buff him up a bunch by casting a lot of instants/sorceries, then dropping him so his ability gives him a bunch of +1/+1 counters for all the instants/sorceries in your graveyard that you can then swing at your opponent(s) with. Throughout the deck, you'll also notice all the abilities for scry and countering, these just add a way to help you take that advantage of being able to draw only the cards you want from the scry and a way to have total board control with countering opponents spells and abilities.


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