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Are you marginalized by White Deck supremacy? Do Black Decks really matter? Would you rather play a deck that shares most of your hair colors? When you get on an elevator, does it HAVE to go down? Are you an ideologically possessed student of lesbian dance theory? If the song "Imagine" by John Lennon could take human form and eat a Tide Pod, would that human be you?

This deck is for YOU.

Start by summoning a mob of crazy SJWs and watch them get triggered by things that aren't even remotely offensive!

Get out Guttersnipe and it's leftist pals Thermo-Alchemist Firebrand Archer and Gelectrode by virtue signaling to them with Chord of Calling and Birds of Paradise.

Trigger them with Take Inventory, and Serum Visions and they'll loot the neighborhood for you.

Simultaneously trigger and defend your proletariat uprising with truth-obscuring spells like Fog! Turn Aside criticism and free speech from the comfort of your safe space, while your naive minions do the dirty work!

Thin your deck with Manamorphose and trigger yourself into full-blown Trump Derangement Syndrome!

Don't forget Lightning Bolt. It's like mentioning Donald Trump in a Whole Foods store. You won't believe the havoc your SJWs will inflict on society.


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