Guttersnipe, Delver and Talrand. Oh My!

Standard Burn Control U/R (Izzet)

mpnyrb Score: 39


1 mana = 1 dead creature, 2 burn damage, and 1 drake token.

A deck inspired by UR Guttersnipe (Post-Rotation).

I am very new to competitive Magic, so I'd appreciate all the help I can get (a big thank you to those who have commented already). I intend on going to FNMs and other events more frequently starting with the release of RTR.

This deck works like a Delver variant with creatures that all have some sort of effect regarding the use of spells.

With 24 spells, Delver of Secrets  Flip flips very consistently.

Snapcaster Mage is used late game to get more triggered abilities.

Guttersnipe's ping ability is awesome in this deck. Two of these guys on the field is a near auto-win in the next few turns. Also, Thunderous Wrath does 7 damage for 1 mana with this guy out. Daaaaamn.

Talrand, Sky Summoner is a late-game star. The Drake tokens amassed can overwhelm any opponent that doesn't have a boardwipe-level response.

Board wipe with Mizzium Mortars' overload ability late game is a game-winner, especially given how much I usually have on the field by turn 6.

All of this is made very possible with 5 cantrips and if its really necessary Izzet Charm to get through the deck quicker. I also keep them off the field quite consistently with 16 spells that involve creatures leaving the field or being countered.


I've added Dispel as sideboard cards against control decks, to replace Mizzium Mortars. Countering their spells for a single mana while possibly getting bonus effects from my creatures is a must-have.

I can use Pillar of Flame to fight Zombies, since their toughness isn't usually higher than 2 anyway. They would likely replace Unsummon to keep Gravecrawlers and undying creatures from coming back.

Tormod's Crypt is graveyard hate against Zombies. 0 CMC and does the job perfectly.

Again, any suggestions are very much appreciated.



Round 1 (Draw vs. Bant Aggro): First game he was manaflooded and I won quickly. Second game, he kept trying to play Angels (and Jace, which I was forced to use Thunderous Wrath on), but my Drakes and counters kept him at bay. It was a very long game and Guttersnipe nearly killed him, but he won on the second to last turn with an Angel of Serenity, attacking for game on the last turn.

I sided in Dispels for Fleeting Distractions after the first game, saw 2 of them but didn't use them (I thought it was more control based on the first game).

Round 2 (Win vs. GB Counterjack): It was a new player with a pauper deck, so I don't really count this game.

Round 3 (Win vs. Self-Mill): First game he was manaflooded. Second game he won by me not drawing creatures early, allowing his Splinterfirght to grow unchecked. Despite this, I was able to play two Guttersnipes and got him down to 2 life. He then gained 22 life from 2 Gnaw to the Bones. I got him down to 2 life again, but he won from a 1-mana Ghoultree attack. Game 3 was my awesome game: Turn 1 Delver, Turn 2 Delver, Turn 3 Thunderous Wrath for a total of 11 damage.

I sided in Tormod's Crypt for Fleeting Distractions. Didn't see them.

Round 4 (Loss vs. American Control: 3 total creatures in the deck): A whole lot of nothing happened for each of our first six turns, each time I tried to get a creature on it would be countered except for when he was tapped out of course, which as the games went on was less and less likely (he Syncopated me with ten mana D:) Angel of Serenity wiped my field and I couldn't respond after that, drawing only Delvers. The second game was the same thing but with Drogskol Reaver.

After game 1 I sided in Dispels and took out Fleeting Distractions. Didn't see them.

For some context: The store I play at is a very competitive store. The state champion as well as a couple of other high finishers were there.

That said, this deck finished 1-3, but all the matches could have gone either way. When my deck was on, it was unstoppable. When it wasn't, it still hung in there for quite a while.

1-2 vs. Bant Control: Game 1 I kept a 1-land hand thinking the cantrips would get me something, but by the time they did both Jace and Tamiyo were out and I couldn't get much done. Game 2 he got only 2 lands and Delver did all the work. Game 3 I was able to overload a Mizzium Mortars to kill a Thragtusk and Restoration Angel but Jace and Tamiyo came out again and it was over for me.

After Game 1 I sided in Dispels and used them all very effectively.

2-1 vs. Selesnya Midrange: Game 1 I followed my second turn Delver with a third turn Thunderous Wrath and did my damn best to keep those Loxodon Smiters off the field to finish the job. Game 2 I had Guttersnipe and Talrand out but Thragtusk and Prey Upon was my death. Game 3 was the same but instead of Prey Upon it was Selesnya Charm giving his Thragtusk trample. Snapcaster Mage was very effective in this series, though.

I made no sideboard changes after Game 1. After Game 2 I sided in Inaction Injunction for Izzet Charm. Didn't see them.

0-2 vs. 4C ???? (BRGU): This deck really threw me off. The first game he got Jace, Tamiyo and Thragtusk and I had no response to those. The next game he got Nicol Bolas, Planeswalker and plenty of creatures. I overloaded Mizzium Mortars to hold him back a turn, but a single Delver was not going to help me here.

I sided in Dispel once again but it wasn't used.

1-2 vs. Jund: My first turn I played a Delver. My second turn I played two more Delvers. My third turn they all flipped and I played Guttersnipe. My fourth turn I played three 1 mana spells to finishing him off through burn damage. Game 2 I was mana flooded. Game 3 I kept him off the board with plenty of spells, and even got both a Guttersnipe and a Talrand out. I got him down to 3 life but Thragtusk once again ruined everything.

I sided in Pillar of Flame after Game 1 and they helped significantly.

Thragtusk is really good. If I have no counter response to it I'm usually in some big trouble. So are Planeswalkers. Time for some changes to the sideboard.

This deck is #3 on the site? When did that happen?

Now I don't really care much about it, since I'm just trying to be competitive, but thanks to everyone for all the help. I'm really looking forward to going to FNM with this this week.


zandl says... #1

Still needs Desolate Lighthouse , probably as a 2-of. It's too good to not use.

If you just take out an Island and a Mountain , it won't hurt you at all. Generally speaking, utility lands only give you value with little or no downside.

October 21, 2012 5:25 p.m.

mpnyrb says... #2

I totally forgot to add them here even though I've been using them. Whoops!

October 21, 2012 6:18 p.m.

zandl says... #3

I was gonna say. It seemed like you were at least a somewhat knowledgeable deck-builder, but I was kinda confused as to why Desolate Lighthouse wasn't in here.

October 21, 2012 6:21 p.m.

xiitributeiix says... #4

how would you feel about -1 talrand and +1 tamiyo?

October 27, 2012 10:44 p.m.

mpnyrb says... #5

I like it. And I also have a Tamiyo. Talrand isn't always the best card to have out and both Tamiyo's +1 and ultimate ability are great for this deck. Thanks.

November 5, 2012 3:46 p.m.

marsil says... #6

Nice but i'd say it too much creature oriented, focused mill, sacrifice or burn decks may cause a lot of problems.... just my idea no stoning pls. ;) i play something similar and i had to adapt the deck a lot :( major problem was Disperse rotation... i use Cyclonic Rift but unfortunately it's not so good :(

November 19, 2012 10:26 a.m.

Polarbeer101 says... #7

Have you thought about splashing just a little white for card:Sphinx's Revelation? Seems like it could be a real winner in this deck.

December 29, 2012 5:07 p.m.

zandl says... #8

Not really enough lands to warrant using card:Sphinx's Revelation. When you typically only get to 5 or 6 land by the end of most games, Inspiration would just be better.

Or Think Twice .

December 29, 2012 9:50 p.m.

Osprey_93 says... #9

Alright I'll say it, Curiosity , any self respecting Izzet/guttersnipe deck begs for it. Guttersnipes are massive removal targets to begin with (especially in group games) and tacking on a curiosity creates huge card advantage, ESPECIALLY IN GROUP GAMES! It turns every instant & sorcery (cards thar should protect your guttersnipes) into 2 damage cantrips for every other opponent. And if they manage to dislodge your guttersnipe? Who cares! Odds are your first already drew into a second!

February 4, 2013 3:13 a.m.

yurt17 says... #10

You might want to run Essence Scatter for Thragtusk they really helped me in my midrange matchups

August 10, 2013 5:27 p.m.

Silverf1sh says... #11

I put AEtherling in mine over Talrand after a time, and it does wonders.

August 10, 2013 7:38 p.m.

dantares25 says... #12

I suggest Artful Dodge , helps get damage through, and cheap costing, gets triggers off easily too

August 11, 2013 5:29 a.m.

miqqqq says... #13

Maybe if a game becomes long, I thing that Djinn Illuminatus can be a good card. A lot of your instants and soccery cards have a little cost and if you replicate them a lot can be mortal. Imagine the Thunderous Wrath payed with the miracle cost and replicated. Doing this, you can win the game... Cards like Fleeting Distraction or Thought Scour can make you draw a lot of cards for a less cost. Vs zombie decks, the Pillar of Flame replicated can give you a match. Think it!

November 29, 2014 3:34 a.m.

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