This deck was built in an effort to create a guildless Ravnica themed deck, with card choices based not on optimization, but thematic considerations: all cards are devoid of guild watermarks, and furthermore all cards reflect a guildless theme, whether overtly through title and function, or through flavor text. A prominent theme is anti multicolored effects.

Cards are all from Ravnica blocks exclusively.

Not competitive at all, but great for a casual game.


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78% Casual

22% Competitive

Date added 5 months
Last updated 4 months

This deck is Casual legal.

Cards 60
Avg. CMC 2.55
Tokens 1/1 Soldier, 4/4 Angel
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-2 Smite main
+4 Haazda Marshal main
+20 Plains main
-20 Plains main
-4 Demotion main
+2 Haazda Snare Squad main
-3 Carom side
+6 Swamp side
-3 To Arms! side
-3 Bounty Agent side
+4 Demotion side
-3 Veteran Armorer side
+2 Enemy of the Guildpact side
-1 Haazda Shield Mate maybe